Donor Egg IVF Market to Grow at an Average Pace in the Near Future

The global donor egg IVF market has witnessed increased interest in the last couple of decades, resulting in a steady growth, at a moderate pace. This can be attributed to the rising popularity of fertility tourism, which have had a positive impact on the door egg IVF market. The study by Future Market Insights on the prospective growth of the market estimates based on this that the donor egg IVF market is likely to grow at an average of approximately 7% globally, during the course of the forecast period.

Rising Incidence of Infertility Globally

With the change globally in the average age of people looking to have children, there has been an increase in age-related infertility issues, which has in turn pushed forward for the popularity of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The increased incidence of infertility and the burden it places is being considered a major factor contributing to the growth of the donor egg IVF market. Donor egg IVF is a procedure in which technological and pharmacological manipulation to help and promote pregnancy, and has rapidly permeated through the market becoming the most preferred fertility treatment alternative.

The increased laws and initiatives around the world that encourage fertility treatments, by promoting anonymity and advanced treatment options have also been instrumental in the advancement in the donor egg IVF landscape. This coupled with advances in healthcare and medical breakthroughs, and consumer awareness of infertility and associated available options is being cited as a driver pushing the boundaries of the donor egg IVF market.

Regional Markets within the Global Landscape

The global landscape of the donor egg IVF has witnessed steady growth in recent years due to the rise in fertility tourism, and egg banking and freezing, particularly in developed countries. This also comes on the back of regulatory bodies pushing for progress and the importing human eggs through novel business models. With governments implementing several favourable laws that encourage reimbursements and treatment, the global donor egg IVF market is set to grow steadily in recent years. Based on historical data and the current trends, within the global market, Europe and North America are likely to stay a leading markets in the foreseeable future. Laws that boost the acceptance of this treatment process, such as reimbursements and the like are also expected to contribute to the growth of markets in these regions. However, this study also indicates that Asia Pacific also has a high growth potential in the foreseeable future.

Current Scenario and Future Prospects

As it currently stands, the demand for IVF treatments has been coming from fertility clinics & IVF centres and hospitals. All of the stakeholders in the market are working towards reducing cost of in-vitro fertilization treatments, which is likely to have a positive impact on the global donor egg IVF market. This, coupled with the improved outcomes for patients, is expected to propel the growth of the donor egg IVF market in the foreseeable future. According to this report by Future Market insights, the demand for fresh and frozen donor egg cycles, and improvements in processes and outcomes are set to be drivers of the market.

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